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Find them here because the mainstream Australian media and political parties are not telling you the facts.

Pastor Danny Nalliah's experience of Saudi Arabia and Islam

(Stick with this and you will get the man and his totally current message – plus the real face of totalitarian Arabic Islam – frightening – nation-wide cult mind control. What no Australian media outlet or political party would tolerate – but which they are fooled into welcoming!)

Here is a movie on climate change featuring Pastor Danny - droughtbusting

(This movie also brings you up to date with the latest climate science, proves the futility of climate tax, and gives the account of the Prime Minister thanking Nalliah for restoring free speech to Australia.)


This site publishes a series of comments and submissions to political parties, by P. B. Heywood, (ex. Geol. Surv. Qld). I also make submissions to the media – but I suspect elements of the media are lost somewhere in a brothel. Or should that be, a harem? It is well known that Danny Nalliah, chairman of Rise Up Australia, is opposed to multiculturalism. He has seen it in action – with fatal results! Nevertheless, in his own words, "We should love all people, and pray for them".

I am publishing this site because I feel we should not be traitors to our future and our heritage.

People with an interest in their own future and the future of their children, lend me your eyes!

Please keep in mind: the crime for which Nalliah could have been executed was the one you are committing now – reading something not allowed by thought police. In the Climate Video you will see Nalliah’s account of The Prime Minister of Australia, thanking him on behalf of us all, for restoring free speech. The free speech battle was here -- in supposedly free Australia! It only cost one or two million dollars, with death and kidnapping threats thrown in. If you appreciate freedom, and appreciate leadership and courage –view these videos. Keep in mind – Australia was only founded as a free nation because of people in the world’s past who stuck their necks out and paid the price – for us. And that freedom is in danger of being carelessly thrown away!

Is mixing politics and religion a good idea?

When Law Becomes Politically Correct

The proper role of government: wages and the economy

The proper role of goverment: education


Advice from a Prince of Hamas ... and the Australian Constitution

Why is there a science thread running through the Bible?




"If a Government is going to import en mass a culture and religion that has nothing in comparison with the host nation isn't it our duty to find out why?"

A very relevant question. It should be on the mind of every Australian. For decades we have been informed of women's rights, animal's rights, the importance of the environment, racial tolerance, and being good little world citizens.

Women's rights? Somalia, Yemen, Libya, Saudi, Iran, Afghanistan - full of females in governmental roles, aren't they? The women are literally in danger of being shot in some instances - not to mention being in danger of other things. They dare not so much as look sideways at their lords and masters. But that's just the feminism angle. The environment, of course - enough said (or, enough sand?) - animal welfare? - that's where our animals get the red carpet. Religious and racial tolerance? Nothing from here to the horizon but mosques - excepting the odd black hole, site of a bombed mosque.

Half way between Mein Kampf and, Mad. Just, Mad.



Do you automatically assume that those in government possess basic sense and an instinct of national self preservation? Do you, like me, tend to dream along in rose tinted spec’s? “She’ll be right, mate: we have laws and principles which must be followed.” I have been rudely awakened. We are host to the most distressing policies of self-destruction – dressed up as, “She’ll be right.” Talk about the fall of Singapore. Guns everywhere, troops everywhere, enemy outnumbered, an impregnable fortress -- on the books – but the practical application of those abundant resources embodied an unnecessary, hidden flaw. The commanders did not “go by the book.”

Australia, it seems, is host to the spirit of Dr. Mengele (nazi ‘angel of death’) and to Osama Bin Laden, another agent of destruction. Keep in mind, some issues are mostly below the radar of public awareness. You won’t hear the Greens & co., jumping up and down about this – Who wins, here, who, who, who?

Osama (or the spirit of Osama) equals the semi-recent Melbourne Islamic Peace Conference. All talking about peace, all waiting at the airport (so to speak) and barracking for the main peace speaker, right up to the last moment. Why the last moment? Because even the vacillating ALP minister found the manhood, at the last moment, to bar the entry of a vitriolic advocate of mindless genocide. Congratulations. What was the response of the peace organizers? Simply, Unless you stop us by force, we will import this man to incite us to destroy you, our host country! If you would like to know why Australia has no excuse for setting up such a self-destructive scenario, The Desert Column may be instructive. I reproduce it in part. We knew what we were letting ourselves in for. The ANZAC’s told us about these people!

For Doctor Mengele and the angel of death, go here. The Anzac’s – those who returned -- also told us about them. But, again; who wins? Who?




Here is a message that I would like to put in the mind of every voter (Islamic included) at our elections: Stop making this land a racial/religious hotspot waiting to happen; and, Steer the government to the ideals upon which the nation was founded.


One of the ideals upon which the nation was founded was science and rationalism...latest update on climate sent to federal MPs. A summary of PBH's ideas on climate.

November 2013

Dear MP,

The climate problem -- more than carbon. Carbon appears to have some statistically meaningful involvement but the big question is, "What should administrators do?" There is ample ammunition for alarm. History, geology, and common sense are demanding a large view. (I provide up to date audiovisual etc via my sites.) The carbon tax, of course, is another leninist-socialist joke of history. People require and deserve answers. As far as I know, most of the 'climate experts' of Australia ignore human and geologic history. If so, they never get as far as kick-off. Our current level of atmospheric carbon is 0.0004 atmospheres. The geologic evidence is that the Earth processed the order of 12 atm. of carbon --- without frying the Earth and without falling much below 0.0003 atm. Fall too low, life ceases: get too hot, life ceases. As a practical proposition, carbon control of climate is ....a joke. If it is not a joke, someone make a speech explaining the geologic record, with atmospheric carbon being metered in from volcanoes and/or comets, while life flourished, 4 thou mil. yrs.

A climate moderating mechanism more sophisticated than carbon gas must be built into the system. This mechanism at least in part involves the magnetic properties of Sun and Earth. Please go to my sites or to realistic commentators for more information. Updates are coming in almost monthly. Outline: Earth's magnetic field appears to act as an agglomeration of magnets. Most of the time, this agglomeration is sufficiently aligned to give the overall properties of a theoretical bar magnet. (The theory of a core-rotation/convection powered field is practically 400yrs old and I suspect aspects of it are passing their use-by dates.) Should the various sub-magnets become sufficiently non-aligned, excursion and even reversal of the field's overall polarity may occur. The oceans constitute sub-magnets. The atmosphere (certain layers) is another. Your swimming pool, especially if it is salt and circulating, is another. All conductors in motion, in the presence of a magnetic field, generate magnetism.

So climate, which is linked to ocean currents and atmospheric circulation, as a matter of fact, influences our magnetic field. This is not controversial.

The geologic record, sketchy though it may be, shows an undeniable statistical link between our magnetic field reversal frequency and palaeoclimate. A link to carbon deposition may also exist. Since climate is probably influenced by carbon whilst being powerfully connected with one or two of the sub-magnets which may somehow trigger magnetic excursion/reversal, this again need not be controversial. It simply has not been thought about.

If climate feeds back information via our magnetic field, the system must be able to respond to the needs of climate in ways so sophisticated we do not yet understand. As you know, a magnet as such does not act either as a heater or a cooler.

The sun has properties which cause its magnetic field to transfer heat! Magnetic (or, Alfven) Waves and corona heating - updated in the past fortnight. Magnetic field lines passing through charged subatomic 'plasma' propagate a waveform - not radio but not entirely dissimilar to it. A new mystery -- what governs the amplification and/or attenuation of these mysterious waves? They are now believed to be heating the corona - at a distance. Why that particular distance? Can something be fed into the Sun-Earth system to alter the distance?

Sun's and Earth's fields regularly couple and uncouple - several times since you began reading this e-mail, unless you speed read. This coupling and uncoupling is being examined through satellites at this moment.

The only place stellar nuclear fusion has ever been closely observed is at the sun, and surprises keep rolling in. Not only is heat radiated as various wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation; it looks as though the magnetic field itself, under certain circumstances, can be a sensitive and sophisticated energy carrier. What sort of magnetically sensitive information influences these Alfven Waves? The sophistication of what amounts almost to a creative event which we see as a heat-generating ongoing fire is barely beginning to be understood. We likewise do not comprehend the sophistication of Earth's interior. The facts, although sparse, are coming in. Be informed - the Communist Manifesto won't help. Passing around the hat at the point of a gun to placate the angry climate god won't help. The Public has good reason to be concerned.

PART II. More recent news about the planet: the first being largely an assumption, the second a seemingly well kept secret:

SCIENCEDAILY: "Oct. 31, 2013 - A recent slowdown in global warming has led some skeptics to renew their claims that industrial carbon emissions are not causing a century-long rise in Earth's surface temperatures. But rather than letting humans off the hook, a new study in the leading journal Science adds support to the idea that the oceans are taking up some of the excess heat, at least for the moment. In a reconstruction of Pacific Ocean temperatures in the last 10,000 years, researchers have found that its middle depths have warmed 15 times faster in the last 60 years than they did during apparent natural warming cycles in the previous 10,000...............................
The IPCC scientists agree that much of the heat that humans have put into the atmosphere since the 1970s through greenhouse gas emissions probably has been absorbed by the ocean. However, the findings in Science put this idea into a long-term context, and suggest that the oceans may be storing even more of the effects of human emissions than scientists have so far realized. "We may have underestimated the efficiency of the oceans as a storehouse for heat and energy," said study lead author, Yair Rosenthal, a climate scientist at Rutgers University. "It may buy us some time -- how much time, I don't really know. But it's not going to stop climate change.""

At the same time:

EARTH MATTERS (on-line, 3/11/013; emphasis added): "The magnetic north pole is currently shifting at a faster rate than at any time in human history - almost 64 km a year - and some experts believe that it may be the beginning of a complete pole reversal, according to The Independent.

The changes are beginning to cause major problems for aviation, navigation and migratory animals that use the Earth's magnetic field to orient themselves. Some airports have had to change the names of their runways to better correspond to their current direction relative to magnetic north. ......................

The thing that really makes the pole's current movement so unusual, however, is the speed that it is shifting. In the last decade alone, movement has increased by a third, throwing off compasses by roughly 1 degree every five years."
End quotes.

Neither quote, alone, really suggests much. Much is suggested by the world leaders in climate research appearing blind to geophysics, right under their noses.

Put the two quotes together, and anyone with common knowledge, sits up in his chair.

A conductor in motion, cutting a magnetic field (generator/alternator) produces some electricity and therefore, magnetism.

Saltwater currents are conductors in motion, cutting the earth's magnetic field. Assume for a moment that some factor - perhaps caused by temperature, perhaps triggered by carbon gases -we do not know - creates an eccentricity in our magnetic field, which causes increased (in this case, north) pole wander. Remember, our field is not a bar magnet as such, but a seeming agglomeration of sub-magnets. Temperature change, for sake of argument, could alter the flow patterns in and between ocean basins. The world's three most clear-cut, strong ocean currents (Gulf, Brazil, Japan) have statistical correlation with rate of change (secular variation) of our field. Assume rapid change in carbon gas or whatever it is that is the trigger, leads to changes in our oceans and atmosphere which in turn trigger magnetic field change. The magnetic field change is designed to bring on some sort of correcting, presumably, cooling, effect. After all, if carbon gases really do warm the planet - this is likely, but unproven - they are going into the air in quantity - we are looking for reduced solar heating. This checking effect on heating must be what happened throughout history - if carbon gases are indeed an agent of heating. Carbon gases have always been with us, because they are an agent of life.

The sun-moon-earth system, of which we hitherto knew as well as nothing in terms of information feedback through effects such as the newly highlighted Alfven/magnetic waves, possesses the necessary essentials. "Day unto day uttereth speech: Night unto night showeth knowledge" (Bible). The Creator installed some sort of information controlled thermostat. It has to do with the workings of the solar system.

From a sketchy and backwards-fading geologic record, the two best documented periods of magnetic reversal jamming, were associated with notable deposits of coal on one hand and limestones on the other. It is almost as though the field declined frequent reversal when carbon needed to go into the ground - but it has been pleased to reverse, as the carbon comes back out! Both those jamming periods appear to have been associated with major climate and extinction events. The geologic record is known for gaps.

Gaps notwithstanding, it exists and stands -- in total contrast to 'climate science'.

Regards, Philip Bruce Heywood.


Life has existed on Earth 4 thousand million years. Carbon dioxide content of the air must never have been significantly less than 0.0003 atmospheres, to sustain life. (Currently, 0.0004 atm..) Carbon gases may have been added to the atmosphere from space (dry ice and methane comets) and via volcanoes. Carbon is constantly being removed from the air by going into solution in the seas, to be buried in calcareous sediments, and by being buried as coal. (Total burial over 4 thousand million years was roughly equivalent to 12 atm. pure carbon dioxide.) Assume carbon gases do warm the planet. Assume they kept it from becoming too cold. Either full scale runaway global freezing or heating would have exterminated many species currently on Earth. What stopped the carbon gases from making it too hot? They must have been metered in extremely precisely, to sustain a liveable temperature, whilst not falling below the level required for plant life. Their concentration cannot have fallen below the minimum required for life (approx. 0.0003 atm.) during the existence of the planet. It is impossible to conceive of such precise metering by volcanoes and comets. A separate temperature correctional mechanism must have been built in. Assume the minimum carbon required for life also serves (through greenhouse effect) to stop total global freezing. Therefore there is no need to build in a low temperature stop – only a high temperature stop. Assume such a stop (whatever its fine details may be) is built into the system, and involves our magnetic field. Our magnetic field is in some sense climate driven. Assume a certain category of magnetic field activity, perhaps in some instances culminating in full reversal, invariably initiates a cooling effect. This effect for sake of argument could have to do with cloud formation or perhaps amelioration of some of the sun’s input. It need not be total or abrupt in its effect and might taper off over time. The strength and duration of the effect could be influenced by the forcefulness of the reversal or attempted reversal event? -- A simple process, perhaps varied in some measure as regards to its strength and duration, but always tending towards cooling. It is triggered at least in part through global warming altering atmospheric and oceanic circulation, which in turn trigger magnetic field changes, sometimes leading to reversal. Data are sketchy at best but we need not visualize reversal as a rigid, inflexible process. There are reasons to suspect that no two reversal events are precisely the same – just as no two weather fronts are precisely the same. A cause-effect link between climate, carbon and the geomagnetic field is inescapable. The two best documented periods of subdued reversal activity were associated with obvious climate change and carbon. The older was during the Carboniferous-Permian, the younger during the Cretaceous (latin, chalk). Massive coal seams are associated with the first; limestones with the second. Mechanisms involved remain obscure. The purpose was the continuance of life.

The story, along with references, may be followed up in meticulous detail via my websites, e-books, and the on-line video, “Addressing the Big Questions, Climate Change”. Sincerely, P.B. Heywood. (ex. Geol. Surv. Qld.)


............... ...............................

e-books available at major outlets


It was given to me to document the end of the origins controversy - universe, solar system, species, magnetic field, etc. Technology has begun to catch a glimpse of the science thread running through the Bible. This will not get anyone healed and will not enable anyone to overcome sin. We ultimately prove God with the heart, not the head.

Movie - Addressing Big Questions, Climate Change

Dividing between science and religion

Journey to the Thunderdome


Westminster Government - The Foundation of Western Democracy


Ideal Westminster is the divine working in harmony with the human. Who is human, whilst being divine?

The ministers (i.e. the parliament) gain their authority from God via the Crown. They answer to God only and God alone.

These same ministers gain their authority from the electorate. They answer to the electorate only and the electorate alone.

If this happens we have harmony and successful government.

It can happen if the people and the ministers are aligned with the purposes and intentions of God.



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